29251281, CZ29251281, Mariánské náměstí 617/1, 61700 Brno, Czech Republic

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IT consulting, Storage systems infrastructure design analysis and automation
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Currently a one-man show of an IT consultant in expertise what many would
call "backbone", "infrastructure", "backoffice" or simply "datacenter"

IT infrastructure, related to Storage Systems is the daily bread of my life.
This expertise, gained over a number of years, while starting at a young age
gives me a better perspective on buzzwords, such as infrastructure
as a service, enterprise data-protection, or cloud, if you will - this is
what keeps the cloud in the skies ;-).

Orientation towards Storage Area Networks (SAN) and Network Attached Storage
(NAS) with extensive Fiber Channel knowledge base makes a perfect ground
for design, analysis and troubleshooting of various environments using
various protocols. Of course, repetitive tasks automation and custom tools
development is a must and treated with pleasure.

If you feel like you need help with storage setup, fiberchannel
networks troubleshooting or cleanup, or would just like to chat
about possibilities, designs, prices, or the chemical photo process of
the 19th century (this is consulting, I believe),
just let me know and we can have a nice (free) conversation over a coffee,
tea or Skype :-) to see if it "clicks".

Cheers and take a look at my [ BIO ]


Yes, yes, that is me. The owner, the mastermind, the accountant (sort of), the cleaner and the evangelist.
Not the best picture of me ever, yet it is a face that you have to get used to if you want to hire me. And yes, I am a living organism, made of fun. Honestly.

The ugly part: I believe physical presence is overrated and in most cases redundant, which does not make it impossible to meet in person - but - full-time onsite support is a deprecation of this kind of service, thus, personal agencies seeking onsite full-time persona, please refrain from contacting me, thanks a bunch.

-- Milan "Ventil" Toman